Metallic Constructions, Industrial Maintenance and Cleaning


Euromelic was created in 1999 with the aim of providing high quality maintenance services for industrial machines, with special focus on the offset web printing dryers and oxidizerskeeping into account the protection of the environment.

The main objective of Euromelic is to provide a quality service, with prevention, detection, analysis and rapid action, in order to enable customers a high continuity of production and efficient response with lower cost.

In this sense we have a team with 35 years extensive experience in the construction of auxiliary machines for the offset printing market

Due to strong training of our technicians we manufacture high quality parts for construction and reconditioning of these machines.

All members of our team speak four languages. 


All these ingredients allow us to offer a service of high quality on the metalworking construction of machines and structures by order, maintaining the level of quality and durability for which we are internationally recognized.

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